Continues Belt Dryer

Belt dryer is a kind of common continuous dried machine. It is widely utilized in food dehydration plant. Especially it is suitable for drying sliced or cut vegetables and fruits. The belt dryer is also used in Food Industry ,Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Electronic industry and so on. Belt dryer is featured with high drying speed, strong evaporation strength, high quality and etc. For paste materials such as dehydrated filtering cake, they can also be dried after being granulated.

The belt dryer is generally a continuous convective belt dryer adopted advanced technology and premium making materials. A well-ventilated layer of product is put on a belt conveyor and conveyed continuously through drying chambers. Sufficient heating exchange, fast drying speed, high evaporation. In these chambers, circulating air fans blow hot air through the product vertically.

Operating Principle

Hot Air from Hot air generator / Thermic Fluid heater is passed through the moving poly propylene spiral mesh belt of wet sago material. The moisture is transferred from wet particles to the Hot Air. The material become progrssively dry as it traverses along the length of belt dryer. Feeding of wet material and discharging of dry material is full automatic and continues process. Air is exhausted after full utilization from the top side of dryer.

Special Features

  • Suitable for grangular,fibrous wet materials.
  • Can handle wet material with both surface and bound moisture.
  • Uniform drying/ Gentle drying
  • Low power demand
  • Continuous operation
  • Closed operation
  • Automatic belt Alignment
  • Robust design / Long life Hygienic construction with PLC Automation
  • Minimum space requirement Suits to operate


Food Products Such as Sago, Tea Spices Etc Agro products.

Why Our Belt Dryer

  • Less Manpower Required To Operate our Dryer
  • Power Consumption Is Less
  • Wood Consumption Is Less
  • Automatic belt adjustment and Temperature controller