Centrifuge Extractor

Vd Engineers Centrifuge Extractor is multi stage extraction process.Machine is completely made from stainless Steel in a durable long lasting design. Extraction unit is centrifugal sieve group composed by 3 or 4 Centrifugal Sieves depend upon Customer requirement. Each centrifugal Sieve is equipped with a fiber pump and De foam Pump. The Strach is Extracted by Centrifugal sieving. The system is delivered as a skid mounted unit including the sieve, pumps, motors, instruments and the piping. This package unit can be installed directly on ground floor.

Operating Principle

Cassava slurry enters into the first level extraction sleve,under the action of centrifugal force of sieve basket high speed rotating. Cassava strach goes through the screen, and the residue stayed on the surface of sieve basket was thrown away lately. Strach milk is pumped to hydro-cyclone for washing by de-foam pump, and cassava residue is pumped to the second stage centrifugal sieve by fibre pump. Cassava residue containing some cassava strach is extracted further in the second centrifugal sieve. similarly, the third stage extraction sieve still carries on strach extraction, screened materials still enter the process water of extraction unit, and cassava residue is pumped to cassava residue dehydration unit.

Three-grade of centrifugal sieve group can ensure all free strach to be collected to extraction system, making cassava residue not contain free strach, the extraction rate of strach. unique process design and equipment performance guarantee complete extraction of free strach from cassava residue. Cleaning nozzles on the inside and outside of the sieving basket provide a long period of operation without removal of the basket. It also makes the multi-stage system very compact.


Sieving and washing of Fibres from strach slurries

  • Potato strach processing
  • Tapioca/Cassava strach processing
  • Wheat strach processing
  • Corn strach processing
  • Rice strach processing


Centrifugal extraction sieves are designed to generate the maximum possible atarch yield with the following benefits:

  • Highest strach yield(optimal sieve configuration)
  • Sieves with long service life
  • Easy and stable operation
  • Easy maintenance: unique opening system for fast access to inner part of machine, and fast exchange of worn parts.
  • Low maintenance(vibration free, robust design)
  • Minimum cleaning downtime: self-cleaning sieve cone
  • Low-energy use: direct drive or belt drive
  • High production capacity: greater than 40 m3/Hr per sieve
  • The tailor-made mesh sieve and the special arrangement of holes make the extraction rate reaches as high as 99%