Multi-Layer Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

For multi-layer belt dryer, drying speed is slower and drying time is longer. The materials are dried evenly. Featured with little floor area and simple structure, multi-layer belt dryer can be widely applied in drying grains. Due to repeated loading and discharging, the dryer machine is not suitable for materials that are prone to be broken and easy to stick the belt conveyor.

In food drying process, adopting multi-layer belt dryer machines utilized can maximize the advantages of belt dryers for better drying effect. This belt drying machine is the cost-effective, and gets favorite responds from the buyers. Adjustable temperature makes Belt dryer have the capacity to dry more raw materials. After drying processing, the water content can reach to 10% or less. But the quality of raw material isn't damaged.

Advantages of Multi-layer Mesh Belt Drying Machine

  1. Multi layer belt dryer is full automatic. You can adjust the electrical cabinets to control the water content and temperature to demand your requirements.
  2. The speed of the mesh belt is constant to keep the final material drying highly uniform.
  3. Multi layer belt type dryer is featured with low labor invest. The operation of dyer can be done by just one worker. Moreover, with specialized and compact design, our belt dryer has less occupied area.
  4. Multi-layer dryer machine can reduce power consumption. All working processes are under the closed environment to lower the heat loss.


  1. Sago industry, Desiccated Coconut
  2. Charcoal Briquette Industry.
  3. Chemical industry.
  4. medicine.
  5. Salt, plastics and other industry.