Solar Hybrid Dryer

Solar Hybrid dryer is made of poly carbonate sheet which has the features of holding the higher amount heat content inside the dryer during the drying periods.The dryer consists of IR lights (6 Nos), solar panels (4 Nos), Air roofventilator (1), Temperature and RH sensors (2 Nos) and control panel (1No). The main advantage of the dryer is to support the drying process for 24 hrs. Alsothe required drying temperature for different commodities can be adjusted using the set point in the control panel.

This dryer has highest drying efficiency when compare to other solar drying system. The drying temperature varies from 30-80oC hence the drying time is reduced in greater levels when compare to other sun/solar drying process. In the present study the drying time taken for coconut and Moringa leaves are 72hrs and 3-4 hrs. respectively. The final moisture content of the products coconut and moringa leaves are measured as 9.70 and 7.44 per cent respectively. Also, the products are dried at controlled hygienic conditions hence the quality and colour changes were observed very less in the final product. The types of products dried using this dryer are

  • coconut
  • bitter guard
  • fruits and vegetables
  • moringa leaves
  • food items
  • fish
  • meat and rose petals etc.

Unique Features

  • Material of construct : polycarbonate sheet (4mm thick)
  • Size of drying chamber : 3.71 x 4.58 x 1.92m
  • Capacity : 400 coconuts/batch
  • Mode of Heat transfer : Convection/Conduction/Radiation
  • Blower : 0.37kW
  • Heater : 2000 W
  • IR light : 6 Nos (250W each)
  • Drying Temperature : 25 - 85oC
  • Collector efficiency : 55 - 87 per cent
  • Solar panel : 2 Nos (500W)
  • Drying Trays : SS Frame and 16 Nos
  • Control panel : Adjust Temperature and Relative Humidity