Mobile Processing Unit

Mobile Processing Unit is a kind of mini processing industry operated directly at the farmer’s field. Mobile Processing Unit has designed with an arrangement of food processing machinery in a sequential order suitable for producing primary and secondary value added products from the fresh raw materials of fruits and vegetables. In the current scenario, farmers sell their freshly harvested raw materials to the buyers at the marginal prices. The shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables is short and subject to the faster spoilage soon after their detachment from the parent plant.

Need of Mobile Processing Unit

In spite of these gaps, India can meet out the requirements and demands rising at all times at all levels. This can be achieved by attaining self sufficiency in the post harvest processing and preservation know-how technologies.

Considering this phenomenon, IIFPT Thanjavur has designed & developed a mobile processing unit (herein after referred as MPU) to support food producers and entrepreneurs which is manufactured and marketed by M.s. VD engineers chennai. MPU is for manufacturing value added basic food products from fruits and vegetables at the doorstep of farmer filed i.e. in the harvesting point. MPU facilitates producers i.e. farmers, to be an entrepreneur and make them invest on in the growth of the national economy.

MPU has different machineries arranged in compact layout on the chassis of a heavy truck vehicle covered on all sides. The heavy model with power steering and Power Take Off (PTO) arrangements vehicle is converted into a mobile processing unit to accommodate the machineries in sequential order. The vehicle with cab and chassis of 135 HP direct injections 4 stroke diesel engine with 6 nos. of nylon tyre tubes is built with the body.

MPU has three different compartment namely, 1. Driver cabin, 2. power room and 3. processing center. The power room consists of a steam generator, electrical generator and water storage tank. MPU processing unit is sequentially arranged with the processing machineries for processing of fruits and vegetables. The major equipment’s in the processing unit are tray washer, blancher, mechanical pulper, evaporator, bottle filling machine, corking unit, autoclave, bottle cooling, and wash basin.

A. Bus Chassis Specifications

  • Vehicle model : BSIV Diesel engine
  • Body type : cowl and chassis
  • Body type : cowl and chassis
  • Power : 130-135HP
  • Tyre type : 8.25x20 -16PR
  • Fuel tank capacity : 150-170lit
  • GVW (Kgs) : 11000-12000
  • Overall length(mm) : 8200-9300


1. Washing and Sorting Table
  • Perforated Tray size (3 nos.)
  • Material of construction- SS 304
2. Steam Jacketed Blancher
  • Double walled steam blancher with top lid, supporting pipes, base plate with suitable fittings and fasteners
  • Erection area: Mobile processing vehicle
  • Material of construction SS 304
  • Minimum sheet thickness-2 MM

3. Steam Generator
  • Steam Generator (non-IBR baby type boiler) with MS fibre bar stand and 6”dia smoke pipe
4. Storage 500lit Water Tank
  • water storage tank and water pipe routing interconnected to process equipments with valve and fittings

4A. Fruit Pulper
  • Mechanical pulper for tomato and other fruits
  • Capacity: 50 – 100 kg / hr tomato’s
5 .Steam Jacketed Kettle
  • Steam jacked kettleWith top lid, supporting pipes, base plate with suitable fittings and fasteners
  • Material of construction-SS 304

6. Paste Filling Machine
  • Hand operated paste filling machine
  • Working model – Hand operated
  • Capacity: 10-20 BPM or pouches
7. Vertical Autoclave
  • Vertical autoclave with ground mounting frame and base plate
  • Load capacity – 3-5 kw
  • li>Operating temperature: 100 – 121 °C
  • Material of construction (inner and outer shell): Stainless steel; Heating source: electrical heating steam sterilizer; Application: pulp or juice sterilization; With suitable instruments, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, pressure relief and drain valves and control pane

8. Bottle Cooling Tank
  • Material of construction- SS 304
  • Suitable Water pipeline provision and tap connecting to main piping at your scope
9. Wash basin
  • Material Grade: SS304, SS316, etc
  • Stand Material: SS

10. Bottle corking machine
  • Method : crown capping on soft drinks glass bottle
  • Capacity 800-1000 bottle/hour4
  • Operation : manual Done by pressing crown capping head manually Easy in operation.
  • Loading and offloading of bottles is manual operation.
11. Washing and sorts Table
  • washing and sorting Table size
  • Material of construction- SS 304
  • Operation : manual Done by pressing crown capping head manually Easy in operation.
  • Loading and offloading of bottles is manual operation.

12. Diesel generator
  • Diesel generator with self-starterand controller panel
  • Erection area: Mobile Processing Van
  • Capacity: 10 kva
  • Power supply: 3 phase supply
  • Fuel tank capacity: > 80 ltr.
  • Engine cooling system: water cooled
  • With suitable accessories and mountings